Links to Java and JavaScript Utilities

Ken's Telescope Calculator JavaSript page to characterize the performance of your telescope with various eyepieces.
Newtonian Ray Tracer Java applet to draw a spot diagram for a Newtonian telescope.

ATM Applications and Useful Data

NOTE: Some of the following may be shareware, and as such require a payment to the author if you use them.

488261 bytes, DOS
Mel Bartels' complete design package for adding computer control to your dob. Contains software, schematics, images and construction notes.
29133 bytes, DOS
9, 18, or 27 point flotation cell design program by David Chandler.
67548 bytes, DOS
Computes the mirror profile errors, several mirror evaluation parameters, and the resultant diffraction pattern from foucault test data.
52739 bytes, DOS
Foucault data reduction program using Richard Berry's method.
337617 bytes
A Corel Draw file to generate Ronchi screens.
50096 bytes, DOS
A simple ray trace program for achromatic doublets.
298112 bytes, Win3.1 and up
A comprehensive ray trace program.
16846 bytes
Spreadsheet for doing Millies-Lacroix reduction of the Foucault test. Microsoft Works and Lotus123 format.
75271 bytes, DOS
Newtonian telescope design program. Use to plan all sizes and placements of major components in a Newtonian telescope. Great for "what if" planning.
8192 bytes
A collection of useful formulae and data for the ATM.
70144 bytes
A spreadheet (Excel format) by Tom Krajci to calculate the dimensions of a star lap for parabolizing Newtonian primary mirrors.
133888 bytes, DOS
Dick Suiter's ATM suite of programs. Includes Couder mask measurements, test reduction, diagonal offset calculation, and apodizing.
64556 bytes, DOS
Larry Philips' and Dale Easton's program for foucault test reduction based on work by Texereau.
39062 bytes, DOS
Gerald Pearson's program for determination of vignetting in Newtonian telescopes.